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Moss Killing Fertilizer

ANTI-MECH is a special moss fighting fertilizer specified for all types of lawns and used throughout the entire course of the vegetation period (spring, summer, fall). The nitrogen content favorably supports the growth and offsetting of grasses, and at the same time, the fertilizer contains the growth of moss in lawns. Regular dosage will ensure a perfect moss-free lawn.

Product Features

  • Contains the presence of moss in grass
  • Improves grass health and density
  • Supports the growth and nutrition of grass
  • Secures a deeply saturated, dark green color to the lawn


Ord. no. Product Consum. pack. # of pack. in carton Palette height Palette weight
C201 anti-mech 2 kg 160 pc. 110 cm 320 kg
C502 anti-mech 5 kg 72 pc. 90 cm 360 kg
C901 anti-mech 10 kg 39 pc. 95 cm 390 kg


  • 2 kg package for aprox. 30–60 m2 (ord. no. C201)
  • 5 kg package for aprox. 80–160 m2 (ord. no. C502)
  • 10 kg package for aprox. 160–320 m2 (ord. no. C901)