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Biotope Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are a modern alternative to maintenance-intensive, short-mowed ornamental or sports lawns.

They are a mixture of grasses, meadow flowers and herbs that can be planted, for example, on sections of golf courses, in parks, in large gardens, in orchards or on meadows. Planting wildflower meadow enriches the surroundings with a view of many differently-coloured flowering plants, selected and blended exclusively from flowers native to the Czech Republic. Wildflower meadow is maintained by mowing one time and not more than three times a year. Fertilisation of a meadow is not recommended, so as not to promote the growth of broad-leaved nitrophilous plants (e.g. dock, nettle, silverweed, knotweed, and similar) that would gradually kill the grasses, other meadow flowers and herbs represented in the mixture.

We offer two basic variants of wildflower meadow mixtures. Both of the variants contain a 30 % component of grass seed and a 70 % component of flowers and herbs.

Wildflower Meadow GL01
A mixture of wildflowers and herbs designed for mesophytic locations (i.e. areas with a balanced soil moisture). Not too dry and not too wet sites.

Wildflower Meadow GL02
A mixture of wildflowers and herbs designed for drying locations, i.e. areas on dry and sunny locations.

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