About Us

AROS-osiva s.r.o.

Our company’s history began at the end of 1990. We have been operating as a limited liability company since January 1st, 1993. We are a Czech manufacturing-commercial enterprise, which focuses on the production of grass, grass mixtures and other seeds, including the rendering of services connected to this field. The headquarters of our company are in Prague, while our manufacturing plant is in Klášterce nad Ohří.

In the manufacturing of our products, we concentrate foremost on increasing the quality and innovation of the manufacturing process, and we expand our traditional product range on the basis of market demand. All of our products are under the constant inspection of state laboratories in addition to our own.

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AROS-osiva has become one of the largest producers of grass seed blends in the Czech Republic. You may encounter our products on the Czech market, in many European Union nations, and also outside of the EU.

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