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Lawn Fertilizers

For balanced nutrition throughout the entire vegetation season and a healthy lawn, we must not forget to supply nutrients on a regular basis. AROS-osiva offers a comprehensive lawn fertilizer system throughout the entire vegetation season.

We believe that there is something here for everyone. Simply making the correct selection will suffice:

Logistical Information of the Products and Ordering Numbers


AROS-PRIM >>Finest Grass Leaves<< lawn fertilizers are made from state-of-the-art technology and comply with environmental trends.
Lawn fertilizers in 1.5–10 kg packages.
For a lawn area of ca 60–425 m2.


AROS-PROFI lawn fertilizers are primarily intended for wholesale customers – e.g. gardening companies specializing in establishing grass surfaces.
Lawn fertilizers in 25–40 kg sacks.
For a lawn area of ca 1 000–1 400 m2.

Product Lines

AROS-PRIM1,5–10 kg
AROS-PROFI25–40 kg