Package of the Year 2005


A Line of Commercial Packaging from AROS-EKO

EKO-BOX is a practical package containing 240 pieces, 0.5 kg bags of AROS-EKO, which is good for easy storage, preparation, but above all for retail sale on palettes. Two BOXES can be positioned next to one another on an EUR palette, or one BOX on an atypical 60 x 80 cm palette. Box height on the palette is 105 cm (without placard).

Products Offered in EKO-BOX

Ord. no. Grass seed mixture Consum. pack.
Commercial pack.
2206BOX sport 0.5 kg 240 pc. 120 kg
2241BOX renewal 0.5 kg 240 pc. 120 kg
2205BOX park 0.5 kg 240 pc. 120 kg