The European Green

blue lupin

Lupinus angustifolius

Important legume suitable for growing at middle and higher locations on light and medium soils. It enriches soil with biomass and nitrogen produced by its root bacteria (rhizobia). It is characterized in total absence of so-called anti-nutrition (bitter) substances and excellent digestibility of nutrients. Therefore, it can be directly fed without thermal treatment. It is sawn separately or in a mixture with pea or as an undersowing with caraway.

Features and advantages

  • suitable for medium and higher locations
  • high yield of seeds 2–3 t/ha
  • significantly higher ability to fix nitrogen
  • more resistant against drought and lodging
  • source of unsaturated fatty acids
  • sweet, suitable for direct feeding


  • 0.5 kg backs for 30 m2 (ord. no. 5221)
  • 3 kg bag for 200 m2 (ord. no. 5321)
  • 25 kg sack for 1 650 m2 (ord. no. 5421)

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