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Lawn fertilizer winter

Fall lawn fertilizer AROS WINTER® for the perfect wintering. The fertilizer contains a higher potassium (K) content, which increases resistance to diseases, damage by winter frost and lack of water. It is specified for the perfect nutriment for all types of lawns, used between September and mid-November. Increases resistance of winter stresses.

Fertilizer composition: N (8 %), P (10 %), K (20 %) + MgO (2 %)


  • 1.5 kg package for aprox. 75 m2 (ord. no. C004)
  • 8.5 kg package for aprox. 425 m2 (ord. no. C704)
Lawn fertilizers AROS-PRIM >>Finest Grass Leaves<< are manufactured using the most modern technology in accordance with current environmental trends. Even dosage throughout the course of the entire vegetative period will ensure a perfect appearance, good health, resistance to summer and winter lawn stresses.

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AROS-PRIM1,5–10 kg
AROS-PROFI25–40 kg