The European Green

Grass seed mixture shade

Meant for areas with light levels that do not allow other grass seed mixtures to thrive and develop. The components of this mixture can endure the partial shading of western and northern slopes and are also suitable under solitary trees.


  • shade I - for ordinary shady areas
    packaging 25 kg sack for aprox. 1 000 m2 (ord. no. 4451)
  • shade II - for humid conditions with Poa trivialis (*)
    packaging 25 kg sack for aprox. 1 000 m2 (ord. no. 4453)

(*) Additional mixtures prepared on special order. They are intended to the less usual floricultural conditions.

AROS-osiva reserves the right to modify the composition of any of his grass seed mixtures throughout the course of the year.

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AROS-PRIM0,5–1,5 kg
AROS-MINI0,25 kg
AROS-EKO0,5 kg
AROS-EKOplus2 kg
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