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Grass seed mixture dryness

Designed for areas with poorer moisture conditions which prevent prosperous growth and development in other grass mixtures. A lawn established from this mixture develops more slowly (the components emerge within 15–20 days). Gradually integrates and can withstand short spells of drought as well as ordinary wear and tear.


  • dryness I - for partially shaded areas with low water requirements RSM 2.2.2
    packaging 25 kg sack for aprox. 1 000 m2 (ord. no. 4452)
  • dryness II - for dry and sunny ornamental lawns RSM 2.2.1 (*)
    packaging 25 kg sack for aprox. 1 000 m2 (ord. no. 4454)

(*) Additional mixtures prepared on special order. They are intended to the less usual floricultural conditions.

AROS-osiva reserves the right to modify the composition of any of his grass seed mixtures throughout the course of the year.

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Product Lines

AROS-PRIM0,5–1,5 kg
AROS-MINI0,25 kg
AROS-EKO0,5 kg
AROS-EKOplus2 kg
AROS-EKOmaxi5 kg